Book Signing at Cypress Cove!

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news for you today. Dan Whicker, director of sales and marketing at Cypress Cove, has invited me to do a book signing at his venue! And in case you didn't know, Cypress Cove is the premier nudist resort in the country and HQ for the American Association for Nude... Continue Reading →

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Tribal Nudism

It's a bit funny when you think about it, that no matter how rich or famous or powerful you are, underneath our clothes, we all look the same. Kamala Harris, arguably the most powerful woman in the world, would not look out of place standing naked in the jungle amongst the ZoĆ«. The same goes... Continue Reading →

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Nudist Art or Erotica?

There is a fine line between nudist art and erotica, or, dare I say, erotica's notorious cousin, pornography. Walking that line for any creator can be challenging, because everyone interprets art in his or her own way, and different people find different things arousing. Muslims consider even the slightest bit of skin stimulating, while Protestants... Continue Reading →

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A Nudist from Iran

Fans of Aenya come from all walks of life. Honestly, the scope never ceases to amaze me. Amazon tells me I've got readers in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. But I never imagined being contacted by someone from a Middle Eastern country, and not just any country, but IRAN of all places, which is currently... Continue Reading →

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Sneak Peek: Learning to Fish

Here's a sneak peek at a scene from my upcoming naturist survival novel, The Feral Girl, with artwork by JIBBO. From left to right: Jarvn, Amina, Anja, and Bryseis The Potamis branched across a skein of increasingly diminishing streams, tumbling white and foaming into countless shallow pools, the stones churning the water into froth. Here... Continue Reading →

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Has our time finally come? NUDISM.TV

I am too excited to contain myself ... too excited to give this post much thought, so if I come across like a giddy schoolkid at Christmas, well, you know why. They don't make them like this anymore. I have been a nudist for over three decades. When I was fourteen, I used to strip... Continue Reading →

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Thelana: Naked Feminist Hero

Can a totally naked female character become a lightning rod for feminism? Or does sex appeal, and the gratification of the male gaze, distract from any message of equality? I can already hear the detractors, the angry feminists and, let's just call them "SJWs", calling me out. Their argument, I imagine, will go something like... Continue Reading →

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Love and Sex Among the Ilmarin People

I am passionate about my heroes, Xandr and Thelana, because I share their values, and attitudes, regarding communal nakedness. Since clothing is utterly unknown to their people, the Ilmar, they have no sense of body shame, no understanding, actually, of what it means to be "naked". The Ilmar manage this without any of the problems... Continue Reading →

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The Feral Girl Teaser

This is a sneak peek into what's to come in my novella, The Feral Girl. When she was a little girl, Thelana watched her parents sell her brother into slavery. Borz was much loved by his younger sister, but her parents, despite exhaustive efforts, were unable to provide for their children. Years later, as famine... Continue Reading →

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Naturism: The Cure for Civilization

OK, I admit, that is a lofty title, and probably not worthy of what you are about to read. Someday, I'll pen a book called The Cure for Civilization (TM), but for now, let me explain what I mean by "civilization." Too often, this complex, messy world we live in---this life geared toward comfort and... Continue Reading →

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