Ages of Aenya: A Naturist Fantasy Adventure

Xandr and Thelana are NOT your typical fantasy heroes. They are Ilmarin, castaways from a naturist utopia. Wearing nothing but sky and skin, the Ilmar roam the rugged lands of Aenya, shunned by the “civilized” races of Aenya. But only the Ilmar remember the Great Cataclysm that ended the world aeons ago, and only Xandr and Thelana can save the future from the coming ruin.

It all begins in the imperial city of Hedonia, when Thelana is captured stealing the pearl eyes from the idol of the Sea god. There she meets Xandr, the last of her race. To rescue her, he must fight to defend those who hate them and their kind.

Ages of Aenya is the first of its kind, an epic fantasy adventure starring nudist heroes by a nudist author. Isn’t it time we had our own heroes?

Get the book NOW on Kindle or paperback at Use promo code: AANR to get 20% off!

Please remember, nudism is NOT p*rn!!!

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