The Feral Girl Teaser

This is a sneak peek into what’s to come in my novella, The Feral Girl.

When she was a little girl, Thelana watched her parents sell her brother into slavery. Borz was much loved by his younger sister, but her parents, despite exhaustive efforts, were unable to provide for their children. Years later, as famine devastates crops and livestock, she is forced to leave home to find the outside world, in the hope of returning someday to save her family from starvation.

The Feral Girl is a tale of a young woman’s arduous journey through the harshest of environments, where water is often scarce, food is scarcer, and predators lurk in every shadow. It is a tale of despair and triumph, loneliness and survival, parts ‘Jurassic Park,’ parts ‘Naked & Afraid’, and the much-awaited prequel to Ages of Aenya!

Journey into the world of Aenya at

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