Nudism has an image problem (literally)

I’m back with another video! This time, I’d like to talk about something that’s been bothering me for quite some time; it’s the clash between actual nudist values and the social media algorithm. So, if you’re clicking on this video hoping to satisfy some voyeuristic urge, you just might be the problem.

Anyone who has experienced the clothes-free lifestyle in earnest knows nudism/naturism has nothing to do with gawking or staring at people. It’s really about experiencing the world through the largest organ in your body: your skin. Unfortunately, search engines like Google continue to push the misconception that nudism is primarily a spectator activity because all our computer screens have to offer us are visuals.

So, while it may be easier to “trust people who have nothing to hide,” that only works in a true, naturist setting. Hidden behind their screens in the comfort of their homes, there’s no telling who’s watching and why.

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  1. Dear Person who keeps favoriting my articles but whose name I cannot mention because it’s a stupid name and it makes me angry (you know who you are): please stop. Just stop. You represent everything I loathe about “nudists.” You emphasize the parts of the body nudists are trying so desperately to de-emphasize. Either change your name to something sensible or go away. Thanks.

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