Has our time finally come? NUDISM.TV

I am too excited to contain myself … too excited to give this post much thought, so if I come across like a giddy schoolkid at Christmas, well, you know why.

They don’t make them like this anymore.

I have been a nudist for over three decades. When I was fourteen, I used to strip off my clothes as soon as the parents went away, and didn’t put anything on until they got home. Back before the age of Google, I very much feared I was mentally ill. People in movies who went naked in public were sent to white padded rooms! It wasn’t until AOL that I discovered I wasn’t alone, and that the world is full of like-minded, textile-hating people. Since then, I did everything in my power to spread the word of nudism, the philosophy that shame is an illusion, we don’t have to wear clothes if it’s warm out, and we won’t all turn into sex-hungry lunatics the moment we see each other’s bits. I became a missionary for what I felt was a deep-seated truth, telling friends and family, and fellow classmates. At the University of South Florida, where I earned my BA in English, I handed out flyers for our local resort, Paradise Lakes, and tried to start a college club. But responses to my free-body enthusiasm were almost always met with aversion. Nobody wanted to talk about it or hear about it. More depressingly, in my twenties, I was often the youngest person attending the clubs. Most of the people I met were retirement age, and their attitude was far different from mine. They were content keeping the nudist lifestyle under wraps, entirely uninterested in changing the world.

Still, I maintained hope that someday, somehow, things would change. I still dream of a day when going naked out in public will raise no more eyebrows than going out in sandals, when the sight of penises and vulvas will be no more cause for alarm than bare ankles. While we might never see that day in our lifetimes, I hoped, at least, to see movement in that direction. But I am well aware that the free-spirited, nude-loving hippies of the sixties hoped for similar changes. Sure, pre-marital sex is no longer taboo and marijuana has been largely decriminalized, but where are all the naked people? If anything, we seem to be going backward in that regard. I remember spotting N-Magazine and H&E Magazine on the top shelf at my local Barnes & Noble. No more. We’re seeing less skin in other media too. Gone are the days of racy book covers, with your chainmail-bikini-wearing warrior babes like Red Sonja. Even the original Star Wars poster showcased a sexy Luke and Leia, with his muscles rippling underneath his shirt, and her exposed thigh extending out from under her skirt. As a fantasy author, I’ve worked tirelessly to promote my naturist heroes, Xandr and Thelana, but I seem to be swimming against the tide, because modern heroes, male and female, are fully decked in armor, in an appeal towards realism and modern-day feminism. If anything, the notion that public nudity could ever be accepted by the general public seems doomed.

I keep seeing warnings about nudity on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services, but for me, these are broken promises. A tenth of a second of a nipple against a blurry background is nothing. HBO showcased a decent level of skin in Game of Thrones and Westworld, but for a nudist living the lifestyle, this is just a silly tease, perpetuating the idea that skin is a BIG DEAL and we should take notice of it. So I browse YouTube late at night, searching for that ever-elusive sign of changing norms. There was Adam and Eva, a Belgian dating show featuring full-frontal participants, but the censors quietly yanked it. Naked News? Nah, that’s just softcore p*rn. Hector Martinez’s channel, founder of the NNG club in Mexico, was promising, but again, his channel was pulled without warning by the YouTube gods, much to his dismay. OK, there’s Nick and Lins, who I adore, but they never show us their goods, and while I don’t honestly care to see what they’ve got, their coyness about their bodies, the strategically placed objects blocking view of their bits, sends the message that there’s something shameful about being naked. The Nude Blogger and Normalizing Nudity, by contrast, is totally shameless, but with their focus on young, pretty girls, this appeals more to the wrong crowd, to a majority of subscribers who aren’t particularly interested in non-sexual nudity.

Basically, I’ve been looking for something that didn’t seem to exist. Where was the innocent, full-frontal, high-production nudist content? Something, I feel, is necessary, if we ever wish to see the human body normalized. And, by golly, I think we’ve found it! It’s called Nudism.TV and here is their mission statement:

Our mission is to normalize nudity and help people discover the freedom and beauty of life without clothes. By using Live Television, Inspirational Videos, Films, Podcasts, Articles and much more, we hope to reach millions of people throughout the world!

The production values here are through the roof, and the people involved include a wide range of body types and ages, and they all look utterly, unabashedly, shameless. I am certain some of the younger contributors have acting ambitions, but we’re living in a world where OnlyFans is becoming a regular career path, so why not make a show where you can be naked and still remain innocent? Still, it’s discouraging to think how difficult this was for me to find. But from what I’ve seen so far, this site will be amazing. Hopefully, it’s a sign that society is changing for the better, that the public as a whole is overcoming body shame and the taboos of the past.

OK, enough babbling, go check it out, and if you’re as excited as I am, be sure to spread the word about Nudism.TV!

A nudist cooking show? I’m there!

3 thoughts on “Has our time finally come? NUDISM.TV

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    One of YOU doesn’t seem to understand what INNOCENT NUDISM means! I am so sick and tired of this, having to delete followers who “like” and “share” my posts about NON SEXUAL NUDITY, only to see them using an erect penis for their avatars. Sorry, but focusing on your junk is P*RN! If that’s what you enjoy, more power to you, but this is NOT THE PLACE FOR THAT! It is opposite to everything this site is about. It is crude and disgusting and detrimental to the cause of nudism! And now because of you, I am forced to remove ALL likes from this site, because WP doesn’t really give me any other options. Again, if you are following me and are displaying anything even remotely pornographic, I will block and report you. If you wouldn’t show it to your kids don’t fucking show it to me! For the last fucking time …


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  2. Hi Nick. I’m sorry to see you had an inappropriate response. So disappointing, particularly as I was about to write something positive when I saw that at the bottom of the article. For what it’s worth, I also found nudism.tv after seeing a reference on Reddit. It’ll be interesting to see how their efforts progress. Whilst they indicate that there will be more in 2022, there are a couple of videos there already including a dinner party. Whilst it can be tedious to watch others enjoying themselves, as the video is over five hours long, they demonstrate how normal and non sexual being together can be doing activities that could be done clothed but are clearly just as innocent and normal (but far more comfortable) done nude. I share your enthusiasm and hope there are no more stupid responses to your article. Cheers. Andrew.

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    1. Hey, Andrew, thanks for writing.

      The response was just a “like,” but the guy was using his erect penis for his profile pic. I found this offensive, and feel it sends the wrong message about nudism. So I’ve had to remove all the like and share buttons just to get rid of it. If you want to show your appreciation for anything I’ve written, feel free to leave a comment, which WB allows me to delete or approve of individually.

      As for NUDISM.TV, I did watch part of that dinner party, and I agree it was very tedious, but I see it more as a proof of concept. I kept thinking how cool it would be, filming a Friends-style sitcom where all of the actors are naked. This is what the nudist movement so desperately needs, regular entertainment showing how normal being naked around others can be.

      My dream is to see a nudist fantasy series, a movie or a show, like Ages of Aenya, where the characters are naturally naked for 100% of the running time. I’ve already reached out to NUDISM.TV and asked if they would be interested in my doing an interview or book reading, and they said they could fly me out to Ohio. Not sure what I am going to do, but it might be worth the trip.


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