Book Signing at Cypress Cove!

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news for you today. Dan Whicker, director of sales and marketing at Cypress Cove, has invited me to do a book signing at his venue! And in case you didn’t know, Cypress Cove is the premier nudist resort in the country and HQ for the American Association for Nude Recreation. I met Dan at another signing at Como, and he was so impressed with Ages of Aenya, that he included the book in last year’s official holiday gift guide. Paul LaValley, head of the AANR Library, also made the book available for checkout.

This brings me to my latest fantasy naturist adventure, The Feral Girl, which is complete and will be ready to ship this month on the 28th. You can order it from my site at or get it directly from me in person at Cypress Cove on Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend, from 12:00 to 4:00 (see the upcoming events page here). I’ll be handing out bookmarks and autographing your paperback purchases. All three titles in the Aenya series will be available, including the much anticipated, The Feral Girl.

I hope you all can make it and I really looking forward to meeting you!

But wait . . . What exactly is The Feral Girl, you ask? Well, if you’re a nudist/naturist and you enjoy a good yarn (that doesn’t include threads, that is), this is one story you won’t want to miss.

The Feral Girl is a harrowing tale of survival in the harshest environments (think Naked & Afraid meets Jurassic Park). Serving as a standalone adventure and a prequel to Ages of Aenya, the book explores Thelana’s idyllic life growing up in Ilmarinen, a naturist paradise far removed from civilization, before famine ravages the land and she is forced into the Wildwood, a prehistoric rainforest teeming with dinosaurs, halfmen, and killer wasps (to name just a few of the terrible things).

If you love early pulp serials like Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes, you will adore this book! My other influences include Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain, William Golding’s Lord of the FliesErnest Hemmingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, and The Land of Naked People by Madhursee Mukerjee.

Thelana isn’t just another sexy pinup girl; she’s a genuine naturist born into a naturist culture, created by a nudist/naturist author, a symbol of female empowerment and freedom. I wrote the Aenya series to express my belief in the nudist philosophy, but also because I felt the movement needed heroes.

The Feral Girl also features some stunning new artwork by Heather Zanitsch and Alexey Lipatov, including this two-page layout (below) that truly captures the spirit of the story.

Thelana in the Wildwood

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