Naturist Survives the Wildwood . . .

Get excited, fellow naturists! Your heroine has arrived!!!


Inspired by this author’s nude hikes through Florida’s wetlands, The Feral Girl tells the tale of a young girl navigating the harshest environments. She’s got no clothes, no food, and just her wits to survive. The Feral Girl received enthusiastic receptions from members of America’s largest naturist resorts and is inducted into AANR’s Nudist Research Library. And now you can read it on your phone or computer.

Seriously, isn’t it time naturists had their own heroes???

Included in The Feral Girl: Gamer Edition for Kindle, you get Thelana’s heart-wrenching origin story and over 30 beautiful illustrations. To top it off, the Gamer Edition comes with the Surviving the Wildwood RPG, a 5th-edition-compatible role-playing adventure game with rules for gaming in the world of Aenya, making your own Ilmarin and halfman characters, and a bestiary with thirteen original monsters unique to Aenya’s Wildwood forest.

Want to know more? See the video and gallery below!

Download The Feral Girl: Gamer Edition

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