Ages of Aenya Nude Promo #1: The City by the Sea

When Thelana is captured attempting to steal the pearl eyes from the Hedonian Sea god, only Xandr, the last of her people, can hope to rescue her. All the while, vengeful merquid stalk the Shores of Sarnath, intent on bloodying their hands with the guilty and the innocent alike. Ages of Aenya is the firstContinue reading “Ages of Aenya Nude Promo #1: The City by the Sea”

Ages of Aenya: My Naturist Fantasy Adventure Novel

Fantasy fiction is a powerful way to introduce people to new ideas. Through the lens of fiction, we let our guard down, opening ourselves to possibilities that might otherwise seem alien or taboo. As a nudist and a fantasy author, it only seemed natural that my heroes, Xandr and Thelana, born of the Ilmarin race,Continue reading “Ages of Aenya: My Naturist Fantasy Adventure Novel”

Top Nine Misconceptions about Nudists

Misconceptions about nudism and nudists are ubiquitous these days, which makes it more difficult for nudists to express themselves, to let their friends and family know who they are. They provide the naysayers of the world a strawman target, and the ammunition to ridicule a minority they know nothing about. In debunking these misconceptions, IContinue reading “Top Nine Misconceptions about Nudists”

Heroes of Naturism

Just as racism and homophobia exist to varying degrees around the world, so does bigotry against nudists. It might seem offensive to equate the two, but in countries like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, where women who refuse to cover their faces can be jailed, beaten and raped, the comparison seems more appropriate.* Unlike homosexuality, becoming aContinue reading “Heroes of Naturism”