BONUS CONTENT: Ages of Aenya the Video Game?

As I was searching through YouTube looking for naturist content, which is quite a rare thing to find, I might add, even on a video sharing platform that seems to have an infinite amount of everything, I came across some unexpectedly interesting “naturist” content. I put “naturist” in quotes here because for most viewers, I’d imagine, the video has nothing to do with naturism and everything to do with ogling pretty young women. I am talking, of course, about “nude mods” for video games. Typically, I am not a fan of these mods, as they have been made exclusively to titillate young male gamers. You can tell the intent of the mod by the sexy poses the characters make, and by their—almost always female—grotesque and unrealistic proportions, usually in and around the genital and mammary areas. I honestly don’t find Lara Croft’s blocky textures, or nipples that can cut through diamonds, or penises that can be used for bludgeoning instruments, very appealing, or interesting as a storyteller. But as technology has progressed, so have nude mods, not just in how detailed and realistic the bodies look, with the muscles flexing beneath the skin and sheens of glistening sweat, but in the way some programmers have opted for more believable physiques.

Aloy as she *should* be …

The best example of well-proportioned nudity I’ve seen so far is from the open-world adventure game, Horizon Zero Dawn. Clearly, someone put a lot of love and attention into this, a level of artistry that isn’t to be mocked. Of course, the cutscenes and gameplay, modded from the original to remove Aloy’s clothing, is far from perfect, since the modder was limited by what was in the game. It makes little sense that the heroine, Aloy, is the only naked person in any of the scenes, and that none of the fully dressed NPCs she interacts with notices her nudity. It also doesn’t make sense that she’d be running around in freezing weather without any protection. No doubt, the modder cared nothing for naturism or positive female representation, and that his (or her, it’s 2021) only wanted to stare at a pretty young girl’s ass. If this were a Feral Girl game, based on my upcoming book, I’d put Thelana in a more tropical climate, and maybe have her wearing some furs for the snowy regions, like she does in the book. Maybe she could even suffer from environmental damage, like Link does in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? It could make for a fun mechanic, having to hunt and skin animals to make clothes. If Thelana were to interact with an NPC, they would be naked also, or, if they were not Ilmarin and unused to her presence, I’d have them question her nudity. Maybe sneaking around civilization, like Hedonia, which would be hostile to public nakedness, could add another layer of depth to the game? Still, watching a video like the one below is exciting for me (and not for the usual reasons) as it showcases what the future of gaming might look like, and what a fully CGI Aenya film could be, or even, someday, an uncensored Ages of Aenya video game. My nephew just so happens to be studying game design so . . . it could happen.

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      1. Have thought about using Poser to illustrate some posts and played around with it a bit. Unfortunately I don’t have a clue about how to make it work. Not finding it at all intuitive. If I could draw something better than stick people, I would do illustrations by hand.


  1. I just watched this video. I don’t understand the reasoning behind her being naked and everyone else is fully clothed. Is that to prove her worth? Maybe you have to play the video game to understand.


    1. As I mentioned in my article, this is a mod. A programmer made it so that Aloy is nude. In the actual game, she is clothed like everyone else. I only mentioned the video because it shows what a game with a naturist hero or heroine might look like.


  2. I know it’s been a while since this post came out, but suggest checking out Conan Exiles. If you get the European version there is an off-the-shelf nude mod that fits the story. It’s still only your character, but anyone online can be naked and in single player it makes more sense as a survival game. You don’t get armor bonuses for protection and at least in old version take temperature effects, but it feels more natural and closer to Aenya than any other game I know.
    Know if you did make or mod an Aenya game I’d jump on it in a heartbeat!


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    1. Thanks for stopping by, TGN. Someone mentioned Conan to me, and while I’d usually jump at the chance to play that game, I use a Mac, and Macs aren’t game or MOD-friendly. Still, it’s great knowing something like that exists. We need more natural nudity in all media (shows, movies, games) to normalize and decriminalize the human body!

      PS: In my D&D supplement, “Surviving the Wildwood,” you *do* get armor bonuses for being naked.


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