Ages of Aenya: My Naturist Fantasy Adventure Novel

Fantasy fiction is a powerful way to introduce people to new ideas. Through the lens of fiction, we let our guard down, opening ourselves to possibilities that might otherwise seem alien or taboo. As a nudist and a fantasy author, it only seemed natural that my heroes, Xandr and Thelana, born of the Ilmarin race, remain free of the cultural influences that govern our world. For the Ilmar, clothing is an entirely alien concept. Terms like “nudism” and “naturism” hold no meaning for them, because nakedness does not have any meaning in their society. In this way, the Ilmar unconsciously share in the belief that the human body was never meant to be hidden, that clothes are unnecessary in ideal climate conditions, and that body shame is an outdated taboo from a more primitive age. And of course, I figured, what better way to promote a book about naked heroes than by doing it naked? Xandr and Thelana have nothing to hide and neither do I.

Get the book NOW (just click the image below)

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