Ages of Aenya Nude Promo 3: Flesh and Steel

Psst. Hey, hey you . . . listen, I’ve got a secret. Yeah, I know, but it’s true. Sometimes, I post videos where I talk about my novels, and I do it naked. OK, you probably knew that already—but the real secret is this: I often get second thoughts about what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, I am a proud nudist, so when it comes to getting naked on camera, shame isn’t in my vocabulary. But I have my reservations about letting it all hang on the inter-webs. I don’t want to be pigeonholed or typecasted. I don’t want people finding my Vimeo channel saying, “Oh, that guy isn’t a real writer, he’s just writing books about nudism.” This is my biggest fear. Too many writers I find on Amazon aren’t quite reaching for literary greatness with their work. They are not interested in mastering the craft of storytelling. They are not gunning for a spot on the proverbial shelf with the likes of Stephen King or JK Rowling or George R.R. Martin. But I am. I want the Aenya Series to be as big as Dune or The Lord of the Rings. Am I crazy for trying? Maybe. That I just so happen to be a nudist, like Robert Heinlein, however, shouldn’t factor into the equation.

I get excited by the prospect of nudist heroes because it is something the nudist movement desperately needs, but also, I believe, what the fantasy genre needs, because we’ve got enough stories about brooding rogues, emo anti-heroes, and sexy wizard girls. But I can never be sure how readers/agents/publishers are going to react to my work, and so what do I do? I make videos, then delete them, then regret deleting them and re-upload them.

We can’t control what the public thinks of us, and if we hold to ideas that challenge social norms (like wearing clothes in public) we are asking to get stigmatized by at least somebody. It’s easy to ride the status quo, to never step foot beyond what society expects, but no great literature ever came of that. Sometimes, finding the courage to be your true self is the hardest thing. All we can do is stand for what we believe in with pride and conviction and hope the world sees us for who we really are, not the body we inhabit, but the mind and heart within.

The promo video below, Ages of Aenya: Flesh and Steel, was made years ago (so the resolution sucks) but then in a moment of doubt, I took it down. Well, now it’s back up again. Enjoy.

And if you’re interested in a world of naked heroes (and why wouldn’t you be?) you can just get the book from my author site at!!!

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