Heroes of naturism : Paula Brindisi

Who needs clothes? Paula Brindisi certainly doesn’t! This Argentinian is a real inspiration, devoting her life to the practice of Urban Nudism, going naked in the streets in sight of everyone, and she has been at it a long time, even while pregnant! The most powerful message a nudist can send that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of is by showing it. Not hiding at the far end of some beach or in some secluded part of the woods, this brash new wave of activism is the most heroic kind of nudism. Seriously, this girl is my hero!

the sl naturist

Paula Brindisi.

Argentinian activist in defence of public nudity. She’s been doing this a long time now, from young woman to motherhood and beyond.

She’s on Twitter. She’s on Facebook.  

She’s director of a project called Urban Nudismo.who have their own FB page.

On Vimeo.On youtube. 

She also turns up on Flickr under her own name and as Avril X (not sure what the significance of this is)

And other social media. Wow! Here’s a woman who had dedicated a large part of her life to normalising nudity in Argentina. Of making it normal and acceptable.

A personal crusade, and we salute her for it!


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